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There were two bus drivers that pioneered the bus driving experience via social media in Portland

Dan Christensen
Dan Christensen just might be Portland's most beloved bus driver. Hundreds of riders check in daily to his humorous TriMet Confidential blog. He has more than 18,000 Twitter followers. This week, Willamette Week named him one of the city's "Best People." So why has TriMet taken Christensen off the road? On Thursday, he posted a commentary on his blog with a picture of a man riding a bike and this headline: "Portland! Kill this bicyclist." When TriMet saw the post, it put Christensen on paid administrative and forwarded the case to the district attorney's office for investigation.
Al Margulies

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Portland Light Rail mafia

This was written by Phil Stanford BEFORE Pamplin became totally co-opted by Trimet influence. Phil Stanford was fired from the Tribune.

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Stories from the defunct Trimet Confidential blog

The Fire Sky ---Fire Sky Art Work Bus Driver Blog ---Bus Driver Pics RepublicDan ---Life Pics Weight Weight ---Progress Report Bus Driver Blog RSS RepublicDan RSS Sonnetoptics Nexus RSS The Fire Sky RSS Weight Weight RSS Bus Driver Blog

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Trimet scanner disclaimer

The TRIMET LIVE SCANNER  and the TRIMET SCANNER TWITTER are maintained and operated  by 3 Transit Bloggers,  HERE  HERE and HERE

All information posted to the twitter is based on actual dispatch communications. We do not investigate any of this information, use at your own risk.

Neither the live scanner or the twitter account has any association with the Trimet Transit District who in reality does not appreciate our services and would be more than happy if we disappeared.

No recordings however

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ROGUE 57/69

This bus driver runs absurdly hot and does it every day. Where is the management? Gone fishing I guess

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Between Beaverton and Hillsboro at this time

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Don't let the oligarchs do your thinking

Who care's what the oligarchs think the name of that new bridge should be? 
Portlander's voted for the  Kirk Reeves Memorial Bridge and that is the name the public should call it!
And why was KIRK REEVES a valid choice?
1-Lived,suffered,and died in modern day Portland.
2-Represented the best and the worst of the city.
3-Was known by thousands of Portland citizens.
4-Carried the popular vote in the Trimet election 
Click to enlarge!

On Working Kirk from al m on Vimeo.

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Letter from Shirley Block to Secretary of State

Let me introduce myself. My name is Shirley Block. I am a 32 year employee of this company that I have respect for the name TriMet, but not the management team in charge now.   I don't have time loss issues, medical issues are not coming to work. I do my job and do it well. In a sense I am not a trouble or costly employee to this company that cost them to shed out money in my defense. The top three are liars that intimidate the rest of the team that understand what is needed to get this company back on track to not only help the employees but the Community that rely on this company for transportation. I am not afraid of being fired by this company for speaking out. If they chose to do this with my perfect work record and the millions of dollars that I have saved them it only goes to prove that they are idiots.

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Daemon Bowman,

Daemon Bowman, the other man stopped by Sery on Lombard Street, had his own run-in with Sery.
On Sept. 9, 2003, Sery stopped Bowman for a "booming" car stereo after he drove into the parking lot of his apartment complex in North Portland and was walking toward his unit. According to Sery's report, Bowman could not produce a driver's license or identification.
Bowman, angry that police raced up to him for a minor offense, said he walked back to his car to get his identification. While he was seated in the car, unable to provide a driver's license, Bowman said, police yanked him out.

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Operators Report from 2001 3

Operators Report from 2001 2

Operators Report from 2001

Uh oh

Mike, I lost the coin box keys down the toilet. This is true. After buttoning my belt I flip my smock down and the keys were in my pocket. They flipped out just as I flushed the toilet and down they went. I had no chance to get them. I called Buildings and Ground and they said that there are no traps or filters so that everything goes straight to the sewer. The keys are gone. I am sorry. And the Keys will never go out of the room again in my pocket. John

Yet more Rose Quarter after-action

Needed a few more at MAX crossings for trains coming in & out platform on west side of Rose Quarter, but we sufficed with what we had.

Another after-action

Rose Quarter after-action

Where is the passenger's story?

I met the bus at 9:30 am at 94th and Foster below is the operators explanation of the incident.

Young intoxicated female passenger with pink hair, doc martin knee-high black boots carrying a back-pack boarded at approximately 37th and Hawthorne eastbound at 7:35 am.  She told the operator "just a moment I need to get my bus pass".  Passenger set her back-pack on wheel-well curb side removing everything out of her back-pack.  She then re-packed her back-pack and informed the operator she could not find her fare and needed to get off the bus.  The operator pulled into the bus stop at or near 41st and Hawthorne and passenger de-boarded.

Rose Quarter after-action

Transit Police responded to an incident involving a young man on the WB platform who ended up being arrested for snatching his ID back from  and trying to hop the train, after smoking near the booth and ignoring requests (by both A
) to put out his cigarette.

Did skateboarder and bus make contact?

 I was asked by Dispatch to make contact with the operator of 35/14 for a direct access. Customer service had received a phone call from an individual who was skateboarding downtown on 6th Ave when he claims our operator yelled at him through the driver's window for riding on the bus mall. He claimed that at approximately 13:20, bus number 2806 made contact with the "front of his body" while both he and the bus were in motion, forcing him into the auto lane in front of traffic. Dispatch said that customer service reported he was not claiming injury at the time of the call. This is said to have happened near the intersection of 6th/ Alder. When I talked to the operator ( ) at her layover @ University Of Portland about 14:14 she admitted to having an altercation with a skateboarder on 6th Ave because she felt he was being unsafe. She said there was a verbal altercation through the driver's window as she passed him near Pioneer Square. She said he became upset and threatened to call in a complaint. Our operator stated that there was no contact made with him by her bus. She said that once she was past him, he proceeded back into the bus lane behind her at which point she reported him to Dispatch as a hazard.

Snow and Ice instructions

      2012-13 Snow & Ice – Operator Instructions
Service Emergency Information Line: 503-962-6222 Pre-recorded message announcing snow & ice events

TriMet landscaping policy

Landscaping Policy
At TriMet, our goal is to apply xeriscaping principles to all of our properties.
Xeriscaping to Reduce Your Use

Use of the Red Book

SOP701 - Use of Outlook Red Book


  • To define guidelines and set procedures for the use of the Outlook Red Book for Field Operations and OCC Employees. Those groups are defined as the dispatchers, controllers, road supervisors and rail supervisors.
  • Allow easy access to an online Red Book for posting requests from any TriMet workstation.
  • Allow easy identification of who is making the request.
  • Protect the Employee from an unauthorized person altering or removing any request placed in the Outlook Red Book.

Shift filling

SOP 700 - Shift Filling


To define shift-filling procedures by Station Agents for Field Operations Supervisors, currently defined as Dispatchers, Controllers, Rail Supervisors and Road Supervisors.

December 2012 performance

Date:   January 17, 2013
To:   General Manager 
Board of Directors     
From:   Michael Dohn       
  Timothy Kea
Subject:   December 2012 Monthly Performance Report

TEI News: Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays

What is Meatless Monday?
An international movement to help people reduce their meat consumption by 15% to improve personal health and the health of the planet.  We (Meatless Monday) are a non-profit initiative of The Monday Campaigns, in association with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
Why Meatless?
Research has shown that reducing meat intake may reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.  The occasional meatless meal can also help cut your carbon footprint and save precious resources like fresh water and fossil fuel.
Looking for more information, recipes or articles discussing why to go meatless, visit us at TEI or

TEI staff

Meet the TEI Staff

TriMet Employees Inc, TEI, is a non-profit organization founded by TriMet Employees in 1979. It is run by a Board of Directors consisting of nine TEI members elected by the membership. TEI, while located at five of the TriMet facilities, is operated separately from TriMet.

LIFT Preformance Report

Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon 503-238-RIDE
Date: October 11, 2012 ATTACHMENT  C
To: Committee on Accessible Transportation    
From: Susan Florentino, Mgr. LIFT Performance and Systems Analysis
Subject: LIFT Quarterly Performance Report for the First Quarter FY13

LIFT Management Report

LIFT Management Report
November 2012
Jennifer Burke   December 14, 2012LIFT MANAGEMENT REPORT 

Weekday Average 3,532 352 -2.6% 1.72 -1.5%
Saturday Average 1,254 170 -2.7% 1.68 0.5%
Sunday/holiday Average  1,240 158 -8.6% 1.68 -0.4%
All days Total  85,386 8,859 -3.1% 1.71 -1.3%

Olivia Clark bio

Olivia Clark

TriMet staff assigned to various things

Projects, Committees, and Coordination
Project Planning
Updated 2/22/2011

HOW TO USE: Search for keywords about the project or process you’re trying to track down.  A search may also work from anywhere in TriNet.

Note: Listed in alphabetical order by staff and list items are not in priority order.  This is not a complete list of all duties, but a list of activities that may have higher interest or need for coordination.

"Conservatives' view of Transit"

Tons of definitions

ITC Glossary

Acronyms galore

Transit Development

Transit Development

The primary goals of Transit Development are to:
  • Improve customer's overall experience as a transit user;
  • Significantly expand and improve the on-street service and image of TriMet's bus service through creative, innovative and artistic programs and approches;
  • Provide for the integration of all bus stop/bus shelter related planning, projects, programs and bases; and to
  • Maximize opportunities for offsetting capital and maintenance expense of programs.

Stories from the Sunset car crash

Celebrating... ALL HANDS ON DECK!
Three weeks ago tonight, a speeding motorist lost control near Sunset Transit Center.
His car careened off a cement barrier and hit a tree, which launched it into the air and
onto the MAX tracks, ripping down overhead wires and damaging other equipment. 

Bonus stories from the Sunset car crash

Bonus Stories: Celebrating All Hands on Deck

An extension of the 12/5/12 paycheck flier: Eye-witness accounts from employees involved in the 11/21/12 service disruption due to the car in the right of way near Sunset.

Audit Planning Process

Audit Planning Process

Audit Planning and Risk Assessment Process

In determining which areas to audit, we develop an annual risk-based dynamic audit plan designed to test high and moderated rated areas. A dynamically based audit plan allows us to adjust our schedule as necessary to incorporate emerging issues and significant changes within the agency.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Department serves as a resource to management in providing special reviews focusing on financial, operational, contractual, or regulatory compliance. To accomplish this purpose, a portion of the annual audit budget is set aside specifically for audits and reviews initiated through special management requests. Examples of areas of assistance include: claim file review, annual Broker Cost Statement Certification for MTP, print vendor controls over fare instruments, and reviews of various policies and procedures.

TriMet's Five-Year Action Plan

TriMet's Five-Year Action Plan


Delivering Safe and Dependable Service

TriMet will provide service that is safe, dependable, responsive, easy and inviting by:
  • Focusing on customer needs
  • Ensuring financial stability
  • Building partnerships for transit growth

The Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau

Procedures, information, topics and help.
As a public organization it is part of our duty to ensure the public and community are apprised of our mission, goals, priorities and changes.
A speakers bureau will help combine and standardize our community outreach and speaking engagements that are currently occurring and allow us to more efficiently participate in community events and meet public requests.

Line 78 service at PCC

Line 84 service

Winter Service
􀂃 Line 84

Service Change Management Committee Notes

Service Change Management Committee Notes
January 15, 2013
Follow‐up Items (in bold)
Updates highlighted
New Items
Ongoing/Open Items

The internal WES schedule

TriMet training videos

Training Videos

Sunday evening LIFT service

New TriMet furniture

Furniture Adjustments – standard

Holladay Street things to know

Welcome to Holladay St

Harrison Square Q & A


New Mail Stops

Moving Together – Mail Stop Procedure January 4, 2013

Harrison Square mail procedures

Moving Together – Mail Stop Procedure January 7, 2013

Harrison Square Building Information

Building Access:

Harrison Square floor plans-click to enlarge


Rules at Harrison Square

Living Together Guidelines December 2012

Commendation of the Week (from November)

“I transfer regularly from the 76 to the 12 at the Tigard TC. On Tuesday, 10/23, I was boarding the 12 when I realized that I had lost my money clip/transfer/etc. Not only did the driver let me on the bus so that I could get home in a timely manner, he contacted dispatch, who contacted the driver of the 76, who located the missing items, and held them. The 12 driver was a great guy and a great help. I should also give a shout-out to the call center employee for helping me co-ordinate a later meeting with the same bus. Just a few hours later I met up with the bus and retrieved my things. Great success!”

Another Commendation of the Week

The moustache-jugging contest

Last year's Bike Commute Challenge at TriMet

About those cameras on the new buses

January 18, 2013 Audio/video systems help improve safety for operators and passengers Security cameras on TriMet buses, MAX trains and platforms are a valuable tool to help provide safety and security for riders and operators. Beginning in 1997 all new buses came with cameras installed. Today nearly all buses and all MAX trains have cameras. By the end of 2013, all MAX platforms will have cameras as well.

Walk that way at Center Street

Commendation from the service change