Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trimet scanner disclaimer

The TRIMET LIVE SCANNER  and the TRIMET SCANNER TWITTER are maintained and operated  by 3 Transit Bloggers,  HERE  HERE and HERE

All information posted to the twitter is based on actual dispatch communications. We do not investigate any of this information, use at your own risk.

Neither the live scanner or the twitter account has any association with the Trimet Transit District who in reality does not appreciate our services and would be more than happy if we disappeared.

No recordings however

The TriMet Scanner is provided to the general public free of charge. The twitter account @trimetscanner is used by volunteers who donate their time to listen to the radio channels of TriMet, the public transportation agency in the Portland Metro Area.

Scanner Links

NOTE: You must have a Media Player that can support m3u files.
800 mhz (Most MAX Light Rail communication, Bus Dispatch, Fare inspectors)
TuneIn Radio also has the 800 mhz scanner available within their android, iphone, and web app.
700 mhz (TriMet Bus to dispatch communication)

Helpful Unit Numbers

6xx, 7xx, 8xx, 9xx - MAX Light Rail track workers, usually working on the rails, inspecting overhead lines, etc.
22xx - G4S Security
91xx - Bus Supervisor
94xx - TriMet Fare Inspectors
95xx - Max Light Rail Supervisor
97xx - Portland Streetcar Supervisor
99xx - TriMet Lead Supervisor (Above Light Rail and Bus Supervisors)

Understanding the chatter


How to Identify

Each bus in TriMet's system is identified by either the bus number or by the block (or line/train) they are running. The first two numbers identifies the line they are running, while the last two numbers identify the order (train) the bus came out of the garage. Each garage is assigned a set of trains to ease confusion, broken down as follows:
01-33: Center Garage
34-66: Powell Garage
67-99: Merlo Garage
Extra Service buses follow the same train pattern, but are assigned the Line number of 7, as there is no line 7 in the system at the current moment.
Some buses will run other lines than what they are designated, which is referred to in TriMet's world as "running an offline route."

Light Rail

@maxfaqs did a wonderful description on how the radio is used on the rail side. Read it here.

Helpful Links

TriMet Mapper - Static Version (List mode, mobile phones likes this one the best.)
TriMet Mapper - Interactive Version (Map mode, best used for desktops, or if you want a full overview of the system). Block ID List - Helpful to see what block (line/train) is running on a daily basis.

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