Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau

Procedures, information, topics and help.
As a public organization it is part of our duty to ensure the public and community are apprised of our mission, goals, priorities and changes.
A speakers bureau will help combine and standardize our community outreach and speaking engagements that are currently occurring and allow us to more efficiently participate in community events and meet public requests.


Inform and engage the public and community 
Build and further partnerships in the community
Be responsive

Available Topics

The following topics will be listed on the website as available options; they can be updated and changed as certain initiatives and plans change. By narrowing the request field we will be able to help keep our customers focused on our mission and issues.
1. TriMet – Who we are and what we do
2. Economic impact: how transit influences the community
3. Portland to Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project
4. Employer Pass Programs
5. Safety/Security
6. Service
7. Other


Topics, briefs and speaking engagements will be focused on exemplifying and sharing TriMet’s vision and mission whenever possible.
Our vision to make the Portland region the most livable in the country. We strive to make life better for our community by providing high-quality transit service that is safe, dependable, responsive, easy and inviting.
We believe that we will reach the highest level of service excellence in a work environment where safety is a fundamental value.

Operating Procedures

Some simple standard procedures will help ensure requests are met successfully and in a timely manner.
1. The Speaker Coordinator will respond immediately to requests letting them know that we are working to fill the request and get any other needed information. 
Depending on the topic they request, the Speaker Coordinator will send an email to that specific bank of speakers, cc’ing all of the speaker’s bureau so that a shadow can also volunteer, providing the date, group, time, etc. Whoever is available or would like to fulfill the request, can then reply all, so everyone is aware of who will be speaking. 
2. We will always try and have a Speaker and a Shadow – if the request can not be accommodated, the Speaker Coordinator will go back to the requesting organization and see if they have any alternative dates. 
3. All events will scheduled on The Public Affairs Outlook Calendar – which everyone will have viewing access to.
4. Speaking events can vary depending on the circumstances. We will have briefs available on each topic, which will be maintained on the Global. Each brief can be tailored to the event and/or specific information. The Speaker Coordinator will let the speakers know if the organization specifically requested a PowerPoint, or if it is up to you, and will maintain a thumbdrive to be used for the events. 
5. After speaking events, the Speaker Coordinator will  email the requesting organization for feedback, as well as from the Speaker/Shadow. Feedback from the organization will be provided to you,  and your feedback will be entered in a spreadsheet, so we can maintain information on the events/groups for future use.


Capital Projects - Ann Becklund, Sean Batty, Diane Goodwin, Claudia Steinberg, DeeAnn Sandberg, Coral Egnew, Jennifer Koozer, John Fall, Mary Priester and Michelle Traver
Planning & Policy Development - Alan Lehto, Tom Mills, Steve Kautz, Kelly Betteridge,  Jessica Engelmann, Jeff Owen, Eric Hesse
Service Planning/Operations - Shelly Lomax, Ken Zatarain, Kerry Ayres-Palanuk
Human Resources - Randy Stedman, Angela Burns-Brown, Barry Chapman, Stacy Chrest
Finance & Administration - Beth deHamel, Chris Tucker 
Customer Information Services - Drew Blevins, Pam Wilson, Clay Thompson, Rhonda Danielson, Adriana Britton, Jan Martin, Don Rhodes, Tom Strader, Martin Gonzalez
Communications - JC Vannatta, Mary Fetsch, Jessica Bucciarelli, Roberta Altstadt, Kellie Randall

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