Saturday, January 19, 2013

Line 78 service at PCC

Line 78 & PCC Sylvania gate (Dan, Kerry, Jeremy)
The PCC parking lot gate prevents weekday Line 78 trips after 10 pm from entering the
property. Scheduling would like to update the schedule and paddle to reflect the fact
that buses are not serving the PCC Sylvania campus timepoint after 10pm (two trips in
each direction). More discussion needed concerning how to identify and inform
customers re: public time tables and bus stops outside campus served by these select
trips. Jeremy, Rex, and Myleen will meet and then report back to SCMC.

Line 78 evening service to PCC (all)
Late night trips on Line 78 are diverted around PCC Sylvania due to campus
gate closure. SIP received from student that missed late evening southbound
Line 78. Meeting attendees agree that moving ID 8325 around the corner
onto 49th , accompanied by updated customer messaging at campus stop,
should reduce confusion among customers. Customers traveling north on
Line 78 must continue to use Line 44 stop on 49th Ave. Timeline for change
TBD. Stop will move 12/2. Rex will check the route description Mohsen and
will provide pouch notice for operator.

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