Saturday, January 19, 2013

Line 84 service

Winter Service
􀂃 Line 84

 Starting with the winter sign‐up, this will be run off the extra board. Routing
will change in Jan. 2nd due to Boring withdrawal from district. Buses will run
clockwise from Gresham TC – Powell Valley Rd – 282nd – Orient Dr. in the AM
and counterclockwise on the loop in the PM. At least one bus stop change,
but no layover change and some timepoint adjustments. Frequency will
substantially increase. The proposed schedule has 5 morning trips and 6
afternoon trips, generally as frequent as twice an hour. Hours of service are
between 5‐8 am and 3‐6 pm. New schedules went to printer this week and
outreach next week to follow. Clay will talk to social service agencies and
place ads as outlined. Schedule and frequency needs to be added to ads.
Ed’s group may not know about the stop change on Orient (stop moved
from nearside 282nd to Elsa) – Myleen will follow up.

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