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Service Change Management Committee Notes

Service Change Management Committee Notes
January 15, 2013
Follow‐up Items (in bold)
Updates highlighted
New Items
Ongoing/Open Items

 • Alternate routing for line 15 to avoid damage to 3000 series buses – 4 choices (Mohsen)
New buses are making contact with pavement at WB SW 18th & Burnside. Problem
affects pulls only. Training/Safety, FO & SPS will perform field test and report back to
• Washington Park Loop weekend service begins in May – Add to schedule (Kerry)
Weekend service starts May 4 with same operating schedule as 2012. Weekday service
begins Memorial Day. SPS working with Safety & FO, exploring possible turnaround
options in vicinity of NW 18th & Burnside due to operator safety concerns and
neighborhood complaints.
• NW 6th Ave reopening (FO)
Mohsen will find out when NW 6th Ave is expected to reopen to buses (July est.).
Observations from the field are that construction is far from complete and reroute likely
to remain UFN. Mohsen will continue to pursue update. Myleen must know by August 1
if reroutes will continue into fall to make appropriate updates to SAM. Construction to
continue through November; buses remain on reroute UFN. Street will reopen 11/22.
Bus service to be restored 12/2. Unhappy business owner on NW Broadway would like
TM to remove NB Line 17 stop @Couch (#13575). FOC and Bus Stops staff exploring
alternative locations. Ben working with PBOT on two possible new locations for stop.
Still waiting for PBOT assessment.
• Fall implementation follow‐up
o Dekum layover zone
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SPS & FO still pursuing potential alternative restroom & layover location for
Spring 2013. Dan is working with PBOT to secure a bus zone on NE Ainsworth
(EB next to Safeway) ,which could function as an alternative layover in March
2013. Spring schedule written to accommodate travel time to Ainsworth for
select trips; will take approx 45% of line 8 layovers away from Woodlawn. FO
and SPS now pursuing bus zone WB on Ainsworth between MLK and Grand.
Kerry is asking the COP to restripe the double solid on MLK at Ashley. SPS
working on longterm plan to move all layovers from Dekum & Durham. Kerry
and Clay are considering possible long‐term layover location sites (e.g. discussion
includes OHSU, the VA Hospital, Argyle St., Winchell St., and 8th/DekumSt.) and 2‐
way service on Ainsworth, but nothing is official at this time. Growing concern
from PBOT about public ROW required for Line 8 layovers. Dan will notify PBOT
that Madrona LO zone is not needed. Will request that zone be removed in
March. Operator materials will be updated at that time. SPS exploring option of
routing Line 8 service on both Dekum and Ainsworth between MLK & 15th and
moving all Dekum layovers to Ainsworth. PBOT will install new BZ on Ainsworth
WB (70’, immediately west of Grand) late Jan or early Feb. Madrona BZ to be
removed late Feb.
• Tigard TC bay assignements (Kerry)
SPS is considering bay reassignments at Tigard TC to address challenge Line 45 operators
face parking buses curb‐tight before laying over. SPS will set‐up field visit and provide
regular updates.
Regular Updates
􀂃 Reroutes/changes for construction
o Line 71 detour (Mohsen)
Affects SB buses only. Contractor flagging through buses 11/19‐12/12, after
which all SB bus traffic detoured via WB Fremont, SB 41st Ave, EB Sandy until
2/15/13. Line 71 temps to be located at WB Fremont FS 57th (id 1891) and FS
Sandy SS 57th about 57 feet south of the intersection (id 7738). IDP will post online
service alert. The project duration is expected to last for approx. 3 months.
Road closure deferred to 12/12.
o Sherwood (Mohsen)
The City of Sherwood will be reconstructing SW Railroad St between SW Main St
and SW Pine St, and SW Washington St between SW Railroad St and SW 1st St
from 1/21/13 to 6/6/13. Proposed reroute will require the closure of two stops
and the addition on one temporary stop. Mohsen will work with Ben on
parking removal for safety (on 3rd Ave) and temp stop (on 1st Ave). FO reports
that contractor will request parking removal from Sherwood. IDP will post two
affected stops for temporary closure. Construction delayed until 1/28. Bus stop
on Railroad must be removed. Pre‐con meeting 1/23.
􀂃 Special Service and Service Disruptions
Review SETS calendar
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􀂃 Upcoming Holidays
o Winter Holidays
MLK Day: Jan 21
CTC‐ FO will propose reroute revisions for 2013 holiday season. Problems
reported at Wash Sq this season.
􀂃 Look‐ahead for next 3‐6 months; coming projects with systems/service impacts
(Mohsen, Kerry)
o PMLR construction
SE 17th Av: SB bus stop move to FS Center street as early as 1st week of
December and remain there 2‐3 months, w/room for 2 buses and sufficient space
for buses to pass curbside buses. Bus movement tested by Shirley. Relief’s not
affected. One‐way westbound between 7pm Friday and 8am Monday. No reroute
plan. Stop will move further south – Mohsen to follow up with Jennifer.
Center St employees voicing safety concerns about school children/ped traffic on
17th at Center. Dan will contact project safety for more information. SB stop on
17Th NS Center (Id 6850) will move south to NS Boise late Jan/early Feb and
remain there for approximately 6 ‐ 12 mo. New stop Id likely to be assigned.
NB bus stop will likely not be impacted until the Powell Bridge is complete – then
stop it will move FS Center. If it needs to be done prior to the Powell bridge
reopening, stop would move south w/ no impact to reliefs.
􀂃 Future Sign‐ups
o Spring Service
• Schedule changes:
• Line 8
Possibly placing 40% of layovers on Ainsworth. Drop one trip each
way on Sat/Sun due to new schedules.
• Line 12, 21
Minor schedule changes for better transfers – adds 3 min or less
• Line 94
Created schedule which gives 94 enough time to go into Tigard TC,
about 2‐4 extra minutes. On‐board surveying of possible change
has mixed reactions from riders. Need decision prior to November
29th for the crunch date. More outreach is needed to plan
schedule for Fall (?) sign‐up.
• Line 77
Internal service change. 1‐3 minute difference. End‐to‐end
timepoints don’t change.
􀂃 Next Crunch/Calendar Review (Rex, Myleen)
Things to Monitor
􀂃 Stormwater project at Barbur Park & Ride (Young, Mohsen)
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Project start date is March 1 (through June 1). Roadway width for buses will be reduced
by 12’; training determined there will be sufficient remaining road width for buses to
serve stops and maintain a through‐lane. Project will require removal of 100 parking
spaces during construction. Bus bays will remain as is and FO will manage any possible
service disruptions. SMART will relocate layover location to Barbur & Capitol Hwy and
will work with TriMet FO should safety concerns arise. FO will create a temp stop
location within the P & R for SMART. Michelle Wyffels will produce stop postings for
customers, informing them of the reduced parking capacity, and will post in mid‐Feb.
Stops posted. IDP will post a future service alert for web. Project is delayed until late
Spring 2012. Work is now expected to begin 4/9. Revised start date: 4/23. Work order
submitted to move SMART bus stop signage. Work is underway. Construction
completion expected early September. Net gain of 5‐8 parking spaces expected after
construction is complete! Cost overruns will push project completion to end of 2012.
SMART service & signage restored. Myleen will investigate any signage changes
needed. Parking lot to completely reopen by Jan 31.
• SE 17th Ave overpass (NB) at Powell Blvd (Kerry, Mohsen)
Will close June 15, 2012 for approximately one yr. NB Line 17 and 70 buses to be routed
SE 17th Ave, L Center St, R Milwaukie. Buses will serve all existing stops on Milwaukie;
no new stops planned. No changes planned for SB service on SE 17th Ave. Garage
routes departing Center St will travel south on 17th, R Holgate, R 99E. FOC submitted
work order to CoP for bush trimming on Milwaukie Ave. Bushes trimmed and helping a
great deal with sightline issue. Incorrect mirror installed. It will be removed and
replaced if deemed necessary by Safety. Dion to follow‐up… no plans to replace the
mirror at this time.
􀂃 Lines 4 & 10 ‐ SE Division Streetscape Project – Fall 2012
Project delayed until Fall 2012. Reroutes expected. Traffic plan is now available and
identifies street closures between 26th & 28th (2 wks) and 34th & Chavez Blvd (4 days).
Buses will bump through all other construction zones. Dan is requesting 12’ travel
lanes; waiting for PBOT response. Reroutes expected to begin in August. FO will
manage reroutes. Revised traffic plan forwarded to FO for review. Revisions sent to
PBOT. Response expected in June . Utility work on schedule to begin in August. Project
will go out for bid in early September. Utility work to begin mid fall 2012 and actual
road construction early next year. Dan to forward PBOT Public Outreach contact info to
􀂃 Sewer rehab Cesar Chavez Blvd – Summer 2013
FO and SPS meeting with BES on 3/28 to discuss closure of Cesar Chavez at SE Harrison.
Will advocate for bump‐through. Project duration unknown, but estimated to be 3‐10
weeks. Work is expected this summer, but could be deferred to summer 2013. Deferred
to summer 2013! Contractor and neighbors favor a total closure of Chavez, expected to
last 3‐4 wks. Clay will inquire on City’s outreach plan, but TriMet will conduct it’s own
customer outreach.

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