Saturday, January 19, 2013

Another after-action

·     Rose Quarter-Holladay platform hardening fare inspection approach
·     Despite game being a sellout, ridership was noticeably less than Thursday’s sellout game against Miami
o     Ridership decline most likely explained by availability of free parking in Lloyd/Hollladay area on Sundays
·     CS concentrated pre-sales efforts in former Free Rail Zone
o     Encountered several dozen customers who were riding for first time since end of Free Zone and were unaware of the change. Some of those at Lloyd/NE 7th chose to walk
·     An increasing high percentage of customers arrived at Rose Quarter with fare
o     Inspectors sent 87 customers to buy Day tickets from us.
§     Best result thus far. Previous low was 120.
o     Season began with 400+ arriving without fare, gradually worked its way down to a range of 200-225 for several weeks. With the last series of games we’ve gotten it down in the low 100s.
·     Customers have mentioned the news media stories in the past week warning customers that we were stepping up enforcement.
·     Steady number of customers (200-300) are choosing to/from walk from Lloyd/NE 7th stations

·     Game lasted 2:17.
·     Game remained close and a large portion of the crowd remained inside until the end
·     Being an early game, we did not have extra service trains.
·     Supervisors held trains to make best use of available capacity, and customers were able to make it through the inspection gates in time to board their trains.
·     Inspection effort went smoothly with most customers prepared to show their fares
·     As with the Miami game, we did have some new customers who appreciated the extra help buying tickets and directing them to platforms.
·     TPD presence on post-event was helpful
·     Only customers who had extended waits were EB Green customers (service was at 35 minutes and most waited about 25 minutes)

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