Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rose Quarter after-action

·     RQ-Holladay platform hardening fare inspection approach
·     ‘Ask Me’ volunteers supplements CS ranks and allowed good coverage in Lloyd-NE7th corridor, plus coverage at Square South (first we’ve done since Free Rail ended) and Yamhill District.
·     High percentage of arriving customers at Rose Quarter had their fare
·     Number with no fare (120) was an increase from previous game, but ridership was significantly higher than the previous game.
o     42 arrived westbound without fare. A dramatic improvement. It’s usually been at least 125.
o     78 arrived eastbound without fare. Higher than we usually see by about 10-15%.
·     Game lasted 2:24.
·     Blazers made dramatic comeback and won in the last few seconds. High percentage of the crowd remained until the end.
·     TPD presence on post-event was helpful.
·     Crowd was well behaved and prepared to show fares.
·     Post-event service went well. Although service begins to thin as we get closer to 22:15.
·     Supervisor held the 22:19 NB Yellow which arrived as the game ended. Service was about to go to 35 mins. We were able to get 150+ customers on board, then extra service bus was used for subsequent customers.
·     WB extra was used in the immediate exit and was very well used. Subsequent Willow, PSU and Hatfield trains followed in good order, and a very large westbound crowd was safely and efficiently on its way.
·     EB service had a brief delay when a track occupancy issue near Interstate needed to be resolved. When it was, our EB extra was the first train and it arrived to a very full platform. Subsequent service went well. Green and Red Line customers made it on their trains without an extended wait.

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