Saturday, June 30, 2012

Request for Police Assistance

Code Enforcement and Fare Inspection Standard Operating Procedures


  • To advise Field Operations Inspectors of the conditions warranting a request for Police assistance and the correct procedures to follow for requesting that assistance.

Statement of Principles:

  • The Field Operations Inspector will act within the limits of his/her authority.
  • Field Operations Inspectors are not law enforcement officers as defined under Oregon law and have no right, power, or authority to arrest another person except for that authority possessed by a private citizen.  In performing their duties for TriMet, Field Operations Inspectors may not make or attempt to make arrests of persons on TriMet vehicles or property.
  • Only Police have authority to enforce 28.15T of the TriMet Code – criminal activity on the transit system, including criminal trespass.
  • Only Police have authority to cite, exclude, or arrest for violations of the law not identified by chapter 28 or 29 of the TriMet Code.
  • Police assistance or response is not necessary or appropriate to examine a customer’s personal identification.  Inspector may call for Police assistance to issue a citation or exclusion.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Field Operations Inspectors will use the following protocols when requesting Police.  A Field Operations Inspector will have knowledge of emergency and non-emergency situations.


Emergency conditions include circumstances where Police or medical response is required if the Inspector, an employee, or a public citizen is threatened; when a medical emergency exists; or when an individual is not able to care for him or herself.  In this condition, the Inspector will request Police by announcing “Priority” on the radio channel to OCC.
A trespass condition occurs when a person returns to TriMet property during the time that he/she is excluded.  A person’s exclusion must be verified by an “R” check. Criminal trespass is against the law; therefore, only a Police Officer can cite, exclude, or arrest for criminal trespass.  Note: refer to Operational Bulletin #02-01.
Non-emergency conditions mean there is no threat to safety; it is sufficient to provide your location and the problem by transmitting clear and brief information to OCC.  OCC may dispatch a Field Operations Inspector to investigate a report of a person sleeping or of an intoxicated person.  Based on the condition of the person and information provided, the responding inspector/supervisor will determine the necessary Police, fire or medical response and make the request for assistance to the OCC.

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