Saturday, June 30, 2012

Inspector Role and Job Duties

Code Enforcement and Fare Inspection Standard Operating Procedures


  • TriMet goals are customer education and service, increased ridership, and the efficient collection of revenue in an equitable and effective manner.  The Field Operations Inspectors’ Mission Statement reflects agency goals:
  • Our mission is to provide our customers with excellent service and support with particular focus on customer assistance, education, TriMet Code enforcement and security.  Our commitment is to value all members of the community and to treat them in a fair and equitable manner through interactions that are positive, professional and respectful.


The role and duty of the Inspector is defined by:
  • Agency and Division Goals
  • Field Operations Inspectors’ Manual and supporting policies
  • Legal Boundaries and Authority
  • Customers’ Physical and Psychological Boundaries

Legal Boundaries and Authority:

Field Operations Inspectors are expected to have full knowledge and understanding of the extent of TriMet enforcement authority:
  • Inspectors may give a verbal warning or issue a written warning, citation or exclusion for violating the TriMet Code.  It may be appropriate to ask an individual to exit the vehicle.  Further authority is limited by law and by department and agency policy.
  • Do not step outside the boundaries of the TriMet Code.
  • Police must write the citation or exclusion for a violation of the law, for they are trained to interpret and apply the law.  The portion of the TriMet Code that constitutes a legal violation must be enforced by a police officer.  Only police may enforce 28.15T of the TriMet Code— criminal activity on our transit system, including criminal trespass.
  • When Inspectors observe criminal acts or feel that safety is threatened, they are to notify the Operations Command Center, remain calm, and be a good witness.

A clear and brief message to OCC is essential:  Is this an emergency or is notification simply advisory?  State the specific problem and location.
  • Only police may arrest, restrain or pursue.
  • Inspectors will not request or record a person’s social security number for any purpose.
  • Inspectors may not search, restrain, use physical force, or pursue a person for the purposes of TriMet code or fare enforcement on any property including TriMet.
TriMet property
  • Inspectors may not confiscate another person’s property.  Even if there is cause to believe the person is not the proper owner, you may not confiscate a special pass or customer identification.  Hold a pass or a piece of identification only long enough to obtain information, then return it.
  • Because TriMet passes are transferable, TriMet Division personnel will not confiscate a TriMet pass when excluding a person from the transit district unless the pass is evident of a crime.
  • If the Inspector discovers a forged, fraudulent, or altered fare instrument, attach it to the TriMet copy of the ticket for processing.  When the fare instrument is attached to the citation, the customer must be issued a courtesy ticket.

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