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TriMet staff assigned to various things

Projects, Committees, and Coordination
Project Planning
Updated 2/22/2011

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Note: Listed in alphabetical order by staff and list items are not in priority order.  This is not a complete list of all duties, but a list of activities that may have higher interest or need for coordination.

Ben Baldwin (x2140)
·         TACs
o   Capitol Hwy (City of Portland)
o   Sellwood Bridge Bike/Ped Committee (Multnomah County)
o   Sellwood Bridge City of Portland TAC
o   172nd Ave Corridor TAC (Clackamas County)
o   185th Ave widening Phase II (Washington County)
o   119th Ave Pedestrian improvements (Washington County)
·         Tracking construction projects including
o   Hwy 99W, Main, Hall, Greenburg (City of Tigard/ODOT)
o   Saltzman Rd (Washington County)
o   185th Ave Kinnaman to TV Hwy (Washington County/ODOT)
o   Hall Blvd bus pads (City of Tigard)
o   Denver Ave Phase 1 & 2 (City of Portland)
o   Broadway Cycle Track and PSU reevaluation (City of Portland)
o   Kane Rd (City of Gresham)
o   Bethany Rd (Washington County/Kaiser Permanente)
o   Cornell Rd Phase 3 (Washington County)
o   NW 23rd Ave reroute/construction (City of Portland)
·         Tracking design projects
o   Harbor Drive Improvements (ODOT)
o   Lents Town Center (City of Portland/PDC)
o   Division St (City of Portland)
o   Gibbs St Pedestrian Bridge on Barbur (PBOT)
o   TV Hwy/178th (ODOT)
o   231st/Orenco safety improvements
o   172nd/190th Corridor Plan (City of Damascus)
o   Bicycle Blvd Bus Stop Integration (City of Portland)
o   Bike Corral design and Integration  (City of Portland)
·         Bus stop planning and design
·         Shelter, bench and amenities planning and installation
·         Parking Control signage and coordination (City of Portland)
·         Development Review, Westside
·         SIPs
·         Utility Check response – electrified shelters
·         Bus Stop Guidelines
·         Safety Committee Bus Stop Issues
·         Bus Stop and Operations Input to TriMet construction projects
·         Internal ongoing meeting attendance:
o   Service Implementation
o   Service Change Review Committee alternate

Sean Batty (x2261)
·         PMLR
o   Design Manager for West Segment
o   Willamette River Transit Bridge Study
o   Close the Loop design coordination
·         AIA Urban Design Panel
·         Rose Quarter Design with City of Portland development and planning
·         Southwest Corridor Conceptual Design Lead

Kelly Betteridge (x2426)
·         Maternity Leave through mid-April 2011
·         Columbia River Crossing
o   New Starts
o   Final Design Request Materials
o   FEIS completion
o   Land Use Review and Permitting
·         First contact for East Multnomah County planning issues that are not already assigned to TriMet staff
·         First contact for Clark County planning issues that are not already assigned to TriMet staff
·         Bi-State Coordination Committee staffing

Heather Boll (x2277)
·         TACs
o   Estacada TAC (City of Estacada/ODOT – TGM)
o   Outer Powell Blvd Conceptual Design Plan, I-205 to 174th TAC (City of Portland/ODOT)
o   Sandy Blvd Widening Project, 122nd-147th TAC (City of Portland/ODOT)
o   N Williams Bikeway Improvements, Weidler to Killingsworth TAC (City of Portland)
o   Lloyd District Bike Projects TAC (City of Portland) , includes N Vancouver Bike Access to RQTC, NE Holladay St -Wheeler to 11th, and NE 12th Banfield Overcrossing-Irving to Lloyd
o   N Willamette Blvd Bikeway TAC- Rose Parks to Woolsey (City of Portland)
·         Tracking construction projects including
o   Curb extensions and Refuge Island crossings
§  Alaska NS Chautauqua
§  Williams NS Cook, N
§  12th NS Clay, N
§  Willis/Wabash Refuge Island.
§  Vancouver NS Alberta, S (Humboldt Gardens)
§  SE Division and 156th
§  Williams NS Morris, N
§  82nd and Wygant
o   Other Construction
§  N Lombard Street Widening Project
§  St Johns Truck and Pedestrian Safety improvement Project
§  NE Glisan Sidewalk Infill Project
§  NE 82nd Sidewalk Infill Project
§  Lake Road Widening Project (Milwaukie)
§  Stark Street Blvd Project (Gresham)
§  Safe Routes to School Project
§  East Side Street Car – stop integration at platforms
§  Oregon City Downtown Circulation Study participant
o   Bicycle improvement Projects
§  Foster and 56th Bike Crossing and Curb Extension
§  SE Bush Bike Blvd
§  NE Klickitat Bike Blvd
§  Holman Bike and Pedestrian Project
§  N Central Bike Project (St Johns)
§  SE 101st Bike and Pedestrian Project
§  NE 33rd and Going Cycle Track
§  50s Bikeway Project
·         Conduct Eastside Development review
·         Lead Blue Pole project
·         Address stop-related operational and safety concerns in conjunction with Ben Baldwin.
·         Organize sign crew work
·         Coordinate on-street changes for service changes
·         Coordinate construction and other activities with Field Ops/Supervisors, developers and jurisdictions
·         Design and implement other on-street stop improvements

Kristin Burrus (x2139)
·         Merlo construction project
·         Milwaukie P&R Contact, project completed

Lisa Chow (x2428)
·         Admin Support
·         PMLR scheduling and coordination

Jillian Detweiler (x2292)  [Real Property Department]
·         PMLR Strategic ROW Lead
·         Portland Plan Advisory Board (City of Portland)
·         Hillsboro ITF Federal Process
·         Metro TOD Steering Committee
·         Hillsboro Downtown Plan TAC
·         Lead on “Livable Portland” document
·         College Station Lead for TriMet
·         Columbia River Crossing TOD/developer input
·         Orenco P&R access for affordable housing project liaison
·         Quatama station access for Arbor Crossing liaison
·         Killingsworth station tracking
·         Gateway Green coordination
·         Tigard TC Redevelopment Study
·         Fuller Rd Station Area Plan
·         Tours and Presentations
·         APTA Urban Design Standards
·         Capital Project grant applications tasks
·         Other developer coordination

Alan Lehto (x2136)
·         TIP lead for Project Planning
·         Columbia River Crossing
o   Strategic Planning
o   New Starts direction
o   Integrated Project Staff
o   Project Sponsors Council staffing
·         Southwest Corridor interim lead for TriMet
·         Unified Planning Work Program coordinator for TriMet
·         TPAC rep
·         JPACT staffing
·         PSI Board alternate
·         East Metro Connections Plan PMG
·         Portland Community College TDM Steering Committee
·         Portland Plan
o   lead coordination
o   Central City Mobility Work Group
o   N/NE Quadrant Stakeholders Advisory Committee
o   Transportation Work Group
·         OTREC board of advisors and general liaison
·         First contact for City of Portland planning issues not already assigned
·         Capital Projects grant applications
·         MTIP Regional Flexible Funds liaison
·         Lake Oswego to Portland Transit Project PMG
·         Coordinate with RideConnection on grant applications
·         Sellwood Bridge project staff liaison

Karl MacNair (x2207)
·         PMLR
o   South Waterfront area lead
o   West segment technical lead
o   West segment track design
o   Harbor Drive improvements coordination
o   OUS/OHSU LSCB coordination
o   ZRZ coordination
o   Coordinator for Moody construction
·         Rose Quarter conceptual design coordination with City of Portland

Judy Munro (x2461)
·         PMLR Facilities
o   Center St renovation
§  Employee parking planning
o   Headquarters integration – property search, improvements
o   Operations HUB
·         Facilities Master Plan
·         Lead for office lease negotiations

Young Park (x2138)
·         On-street transit infrastructure improvements manager
·         Park & Ride construction and management
·         Electric vehicle/charging liaison
·         Manage coordination between on-street improvements and operations
·         Music box at 162nd MAX
·         Washington County Fairgrounds construction coordination
·         Milwaukie downtown bus stops improvements
·         P&R coordination for major transit projects
·         Metro Regional Safety Workgroup Rep
·         ODOT Statewide Passenger Shelters & Amenities Solicitation - Transit Agency Rep

Joe Recker (x2893)
·         Environmental compliance lead for PMLR
·         Environmental documentation lead for special TriMet projects and on-street transit improvements
·         Change control Board
·         Lake Oswego to Portland Transit Project primary staff
·         PMLR
o   Shared transitway modeling
o   New Starts materials
o   Before & After study lead
·         TACs
o   East Metro Connections Plan TAC
o   Damascus Comp Plan and TSP TAC
o   Clackamas County TAC
·         Coordinate with Metro on regional travel demand modeling issues
·         WES Before & After study lead
·         CRC Before & After study lead
·         Forest Grove TSP TAC
·         Fuller Rd area plan coordination
·         First contact for Clackamas County planning issues not already assigned

Jessica Tump (x2137)
·         Pedestrian Network Analysis Project lead
·         MTAC rep
·         MPAC staffing
·         TPAC alternate
·         Greenhouse Gas Oregon State scenario planning TAC
·         Greenhouse Gas regional coordination
·         Coordination for Aloha-Reedville Planning (Washington County)
·         Coordination for TV Hwy Corridor Refinement (Washington County/ODOT/TGM)
·         Pedestrian Advisory Committee liaison (City of Portland)
·         Pedestrian issue coordination
·         City of Gresham TSP liaison (no TriMet rep on formal TAC)
·         Tigard 99W station planning TAC (City of Tigard/ODOT/TGM)
·         Coordination with OTREC/ODOT performance of transit in livability study (PSU/UofO study)
·         First contact for Washington County planning issues not already assigned

Dave Unsworth (x2147)
·         PMLR

Ric Vrana (x2290)
·         Pearl District Access and Circulation Plan (City of Portland)
·         PDC Gateway Economic Development TAC
·         East Metro Connections TAC
·         East Portland Action Plan coordination
o   SE 122nd Pilot Project
o   MAX action subcommittee
·         Ongoing tracking of development value around MAX stations
·         Spatial analysis for equity
·         O/D geocoding for TriMet surveys
·         GIS lead for Project Planning

Michelle Wyffels (x2180)
·         Maternity leave until March 2011
·         Employee Report hotline for bus stops issues
·         Adopt-A-Stop
·         Carpool permits coordination
·         Outreach for on-street infrastructure and park and rides
·         SIPs
·         Work orders into SAM
·         Bus stop postings

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