Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rose Quarter after-action

Transit Police responded to an incident involving a young man on the WB platform who ended up being arrested for snatching his ID back from  and trying to hop the train, after smoking near the booth and ignoring requests (by both A
) to put out his cigarette.


·     A dry but super chilly night.
·     Annie served as Operations Lead for the IRQ platform hardening.
·     G4S Security provided fare sales oversight and managed intersection safety at RQTC.

Per Grant O’Connell:
Signs deployed, 2 per Rose Quarter-bound platform, by 5:30pm at the following locations:
Lloyd Center/NE 11th Ave
NE 7th Ave
Convention Center
Old Town/Chinatown
Oak/SW 1st Ave
Yamhill District


·     In addition to inspection at IRQ, there were 3 inspectors riding trains between Lloyd and RQ.
·     Most customers arriving at IRQ already had fares (at least NB). A few people said they were surprised to see TriMet staff checking fares there.
·     Lloyd was, by far, the busiest fare sales location.
(Most folks took MAX from there to RQ vs. choosing to walk this time.)
·     TVM Issues:
°     #81 at Yamhill -- not working intermittently, mainly when folks used credit cards.
°     #51 at Lloyd Center (EB) – out of service with a white screen.


·     Ops Lead decided not to do formal inspection at either IRQ or RQTC. Just “load and go.”
·     Fans stayed until the end of game; the Blazers lost by 5.
·     Event broke around 9:25 pm.  MAX service was sufficient, despite the WB extra service train arriving to a nearly empty platform, as it didn’t come through until 9:50 pm.
·     NB Yellow Line Train #73 held from around 9:28-9:31 pm, allowing about 50 customers to board. The next train arrived at 9:43 pm to a pretty full NB platform, but customers seemed pleasant.

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