Saturday, January 19, 2013

Did skateboarder and bus make contact?

 I was asked by Dispatch to make contact with the operator of 35/14 for a direct access. Customer service had received a phone call from an individual who was skateboarding downtown on 6th Ave when he claims our operator yelled at him through the driver's window for riding on the bus mall. He claimed that at approximately 13:20, bus number 2806 made contact with the "front of his body" while both he and the bus were in motion, forcing him into the auto lane in front of traffic. Dispatch said that customer service reported he was not claiming injury at the time of the call. This is said to have happened near the intersection of 6th/ Alder. When I talked to the operator ( ) at her layover @ University Of Portland about 14:14 she admitted to having an altercation with a skateboarder on 6th Ave because she felt he was being unsafe. She said there was a verbal altercation through the driver's window as she passed him near Pioneer Square. She said he became upset and threatened to call in a complaint. Our operator stated that there was no contact made with him by her bus. She said that once she was past him, he proceeded back into the bus lane behind her at which point she reported him to Dispatch as a hazard.

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