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LIFT Management Report

LIFT Management Report
November 2012
Jennifer Burke   December 14, 2012LIFT MANAGEMENT REPORT 

Weekday Average 3,532 352 -2.6% 1.72 -1.5%
Saturday Average 1,254 170 -2.7% 1.68 0.5%
Sunday/holiday Average  1,240 158 -8.6% 1.68 -0.4%
All days Total  85,386 8,859 -3.1% 1.71 -1.3%

 November average weekday ridership was the seventh consecutive month with negative growth compared to the prior year  and  the second largest decline of the fiscal year. Excluding assessment rides, average weekday ridership decreased 2.8%. Weekday ridership for the fiscal year has declined 1.8%.
 Saturday average rides decreased for the fourth consecutive month and Sunday/Holiday average rides declined for the eighth consecutive month. Saturday average ridership has also declined for the fourth consecutive November. Year to date Saturday average ridership has declined 4.4% and Sunday/Holiday by 6.4%.
 Rides per hour for  both Weekdays and Sunday/Holidays decreased from the prior year. Saturday rides per hour increased for the second consecutive year.  Rides per hour for the month were the second lowest of the fiscal year.
Fiscal year to date rides per hour stands at 1.74, a decrease of 0.4% compared to the prior year.
 November cab usage  decreased for  all day types, and was the lowest usage of the fiscal year for Weekdays and Saturdays. Weekday cab usage for assessment rides was 33.7% and for all other ride types was 9.7%. Cab usage for the month was 10.4%, down 1.2% from the prior year. Fiscal year to date cab use stands at 11.0%.
 On-time performance for pickups in November was 93.3%, an increase of 1.0% from last year. On-time for November appointments increased 0.8% to 91.8%. Fiscal year to date on-time for pickups stands at 93.4% and for appointments stands at 92.4%.
 There were  258 complaints in  November, with a complaint rate per thousand trips of  3.02,  which was the highest complaint rate since October 2007. The top three complaint issues in  November were: Pickup too late, Customer Interactions and Improper Routing. Commendations numbered 88, at a rate of 1.03 per thousand trips, an increase of 37.6% from the prior year.
 The number  of preventable accidents  increased  14.3% from last  November. Miles driven per preventable accident decreased 13.3% for the month and increased 9.0% for the fiscal year. The average number of miles driven per gallon of diesel was 9.43, an increase of 8.0% compared to last November, and has increased 2.5% year to date.
 Call answer rate was 99.4% for November, a 0.4% increase from the prior year. Call answer rate for the fiscal year stands at 98.9%, a decrease of 0.2% from the prior year.

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