Saturday, January 19, 2013

Holladay Street things to know

Welcome to Holladay St

   710 NE Holladay St, Portland, OR  97232

Things  to  Know…..
Upstairs and  downstairs:
Conference rooms 1-4 2nd floor
• Room 1 – Capacity 45
• Room 2 – Capacity 20
• Room 3 – Capacity 12
• Room 4 – Capacity 12
Conference room 5-7 1st floor
• Room 5 – Capacity 28
• Room 6 – Capacity 12
• Room 7 – Capacity 10
Computer Training room available January 30, 2013.
Restrooms are on both 1st & 2nd floor (showers are on 2nd floor)
Mailroom 1st floor
Refrigerators are on both 1st & 2nd floor
Microwaves  are  on both  1st & 2nd floor
Lunch room 2nd floor
Vending machines, and coffee 2nd floor.
****No change machine and please pay for coffee ****
Conference room outside of TriMet offices:
*** Langley, the Landlord company, has additional conference rooms available.
Please call 503-233-4048 to schedule***
LCT (825 Building, 6   on map ) holds 22 in one room and 18 in other. You can open the divider to make one big room for 40 people.
L700 hold 18 in each room or one big room of 36. (The 700 Building, see 18 on map )
Liberty Center holds 32. (The Liberty Center 9   on map )
Bike Parking:  There is uncovered bike parking outside. Parking bikes inside is not prohibited, but do not park your bike in the way of others.
Zip Cars and Pool Cars:  Zip car reservations are done on-line through Zip car. Pool cars are reserved on outlook. You can find closest Zip Cars and our pool cars across the MAX tracks in a small parking lot.

Car Parking:
Surface parking behind our building is available for $76.80/mo.
700 Building  $82.40/mo.
Liberty Parking Structure $107.00/mo.
7 th and Holladay lot  $82.40/mo.
Parking is unassigned and is part of Langley, the Landlord company. If you are interested in a parking
space please go to the parking office located on the 12th floor of  Building 825 on Multnomah and 9th.

Free  Summer  Entrainment …..
Lunchbox Concerts:
Wednesday performances, Noon to 1pm, located Oregon Square Courtyard (right next to TriMet)
Summer Evening Concerts:
Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm at the Oregon Convention Center Plaza
All  Year  Round ….
Farmer’s Market:
Located Oregon Square Courtyard (right next to TriMet) all year round on Tuesdays , and Thursdays in the summer.

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