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Hours of service policy

April 6, 2000
To assure that operations and maintenance of Tri-Met revenue vehicles are not placed at risk from the possibility of fatigue by employees, this Hours-of-Service Policy shall apply to safety sensitive positions directly involved with revenue vehicle operation, maintenance, supervision, control and dispatching (“designated employees”).
Designated Employees
This policy applies to the following Tri-Met job classifications:
· Bus Operator
· Light Rail Vehicle Operator
· Bus Maintenance Journeyman Mechanic, including Assistant Supervisor and Apprentice
· Light Rail Vehicle Maintenance Technician, including Assistant Supervisor and Apprentice
· Road Operations Dispatcher
· Road Supervisor
· Rail supervisor
· Light Rail Operations Controller
· Light Rail Signals Maintenance Technician, including Assistant Supervisor and Apprentice, Substation and Overhead Maintenance Technician, including Assistant Supervisor and Apprentice
Hours-of-service limitations for designated employees are as follows:
1) The number of hours during a twenty-four (24) hour service day period provides for a minimum period of seven (7) consecutive hours off duty.
2) That the number of hours worked during a seven (7) day period does not exceed seventy (70) hours. 3) That the number of consecutive days worked does not exceed thirteen (13) days.
Actual time “on duty” starts when an employee arrives at the time and place specified by Tri-Met and ends when the employee is finally released of all responsibility except as otherwise provided in the collective bargaining agreement.
Hours-of-service limitations may be waived under situations of emergencies, as declared by the Executive Director of Operations. These situations may include, but are not limited to, the following: winter storms, major public emergencies (i.e., earthquakes, fires, etc.) and accidents, etc. During emergency situations, hours of service must be limited to the maximum extent practical.
Administrative Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the on-duty Administrative Controller, Station Agent, or the appropriate responsible Supervisor to ensure that no employees exceed the agency’s hours-of-service limitation.
Employees designated under this policy must notify their Administrative Controller, Station Agent or appropriate responsible Supervisor at least one hour prior to reaching the hours-of-service limitation.
Except as modified above, this policy shall not violate any provision in the Working and Wage Agreement.
Effective Date
This policy is effective:

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