Saturday, January 19, 2013

TEI staff

Meet the TEI Staff

TriMet Employees Inc, TEI, is a non-profit organization founded by TriMet Employees in 1979. It is run by a Board of Directors consisting of nine TEI members elected by the membership. TEI, while located at five of the TriMet facilities, is operated separately from TriMet.

TEI Staff

TaylorStamperTaylor Stamper~ General Manager and Instructor

B.A University of California at Santa Barbara, NASM Certified since 2004, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Adult CPR/AED certified
Health is a person’s greatest asset. Take care of your body. Balance your health needs like you might balance your finances: Pay attention and make adjustments as you go

MariaBeattyMaria Beatty~ Assistant Manager, Instructor

ACE certified since 1997, Group ex instructor since 1985, Adult and Child CPR/AED certified
Fitness for life. I enjoy teaching because I like helping people reach their goals. My hope is to motivate, educate and inspire you to do the best you can.

CandiceTinatCandice Tinat ~ Fitness Staff and Personal Trainer

NASM Certified since 2012, Certified Professional Coach since 2009, Adult CPR/AED certified
When I think about fitness and health, I’ve learned to think about the details. It’s not just cardio, it’s weights. It’s not just weights, it’s nutrition. It’s not just nutrition, it’s sleep. I hope to get people thinking about these other important facets of health as well. 

TrishIviePureheart Yoga ~ Yoga Instruction

Classical Hatha yoga uses physical poses, breathing techniques and meditation to achieve a peaceful mind and healthy body.
The practice of yoga enables us to let go of undesirable traits such as possessiveness, jealousy, selfishness, ungratefulness and separation; and in this process of letting go, we uncover our true self, our own power.

PaulBalsPaul Bals~ Fitness Staff and Instructor

US Army Strength and Conditioning School 
CPR/AED and First Aid certified
Fitness is the foundation for life being lived to its full potential.  Assisting people to achieve that is a core mission in my life.

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