Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why operators can't be Ride Guides

Q: "Why can only administrative employees participate in the Ride Guide program?" A: The Ride Guide program was set up in 2007 to provide a way for administrative staff who don’t usually work with customers to do so. Especially when there are major projects that require additional staff be on the streets to answer questions and guide customers. It is limited to administrative employees because it is during working hours and the employee may be asked to perform duties that are not in the normal scope of their position. 'Ask Me' duty was developed to provide an opportunity for all employees, and friends and family, to help our customers on days when we need even more folks on the street to help with purchasing tickets and getting to and from large community events. We have an upcoming 'Ask Me' opportunity for the Race for the Cure on Sept. 15-16, if you are interested, sign-up online or by contacting Julie Monroe at (503) 962-2440. Have a question? Just Ask. Your question (and its answer) could be featured in Express Line and on TriNET. Send your questions to

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