Sunday, September 30, 2012

Quotes from the Street car advisory meeting

This document (linked from a Oregonian article) has some interesting stuff in it. For example: "Zoe Presson asked how to get to OMSI before 10:00 for the event, as there is currently no transit to the area. Julie Gustafson responded that there is the tourist bus “Big Pink” that goes to OMSI. Presson responded that it might be good to speak with TriMet about providing a way to get down to the area for those who can’t walk there. David Brandt added that it might be good to speak with the PCC Climb center about possibly helping out with shuttles." "Over time, TriMet will increase its responsibility for operations funding with a cap of 85% of any given 3 line. This would free up City funds for the capital side of streetcar, which is the expansion, and construction of future lines." "Ross added that from his personal observations it is a generally laid back, friendly group that rides the streetcar. Sue Pearce asked if there is any overlap between the 2 streetcar enforcement and TriMet’s. Art Pearce responded that there is no overlap as they will be city employees. Lee Perlman asked if the onboard cash machines would be mechanical or human being. Art Pearce responded that they are the same ticket machines as we have on the streetcar today."

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