Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Transit Development

The primary goals of Transit Development are to:

  • Improve customer's overall experience as a transit user;
  • Significantly expand and improve the on-street service and image of TriMet's bus service through creative, innovative and artistic programs and approches;
  • Provide for the integration of all bus stop/bus shelter related planning, projects, programs and bases; and to
  • Maximize opportunities for offsetting capital and maintenance expense of programs.

New Bus Stop Sign and Pole Program

To make bus stops more attractive, easier to identify, consistently placed and outfitted with scheduling information, TriMet will be replacing existing bus stops signs and poles with a new design. The artistic sign design will incorporate a two-sided half-circular sign which is flag-mounted on a dark blue hexagonal shape pole. The sign will have clear, easy to understand information for passengers that will build customer confidence in using the bus system and should help attract new riders.

Information on the new signs and poles will include larger route numbers, zone and destination information. A reflective coating is added for better visibility and identification for both driver and passenger. Consistent with a proposal to place schedule information at each TriMet bus stop that does not have a shelter, each bus stop pole will be outfitted with a schedule display unit that will provide riders with updated scheduled bus arrival times.  Sheltered stops will have schedule display unit in the shelter.

Shelter and Amenities Program

TriMet has over 1075 bus stop locations with a shelter. TriMet's revised standards require shelters to be placed at locations with 35 or more daily boardings. This program gives TriMet the ability to expand the number of shelters and other amenities in the TriMet system. It can provide bus shelters for special projects, and allows TriMet to respond to new and/or strategic amenity improvement needs. TriMet has expanded placement criteria to provide support for partnerships and strategic bus stop development that is intended to grow ridership.

Ad Shelter Program

TriMet has tested advertising in shelters with the objective of:
  • Generating revenue for the on-going maintenance and replacement of shelters and
  • Improving security by placing lighting (with the ad panel) in the shelters.
Shelters with advertising will also be integrated into other programs where new shelters are being placed. Ad shelter installation paves the way for other TriMet projects including Transit Tracker.


TriMet's Adopt-a-Stop program partners with over 150 businesses and community organizations that adopt bus stops in their neighborhoods.  They agree to remove litter, maintain trashcans and report any problems such as vandalism or graffiti at the stop.  With the help of these dedicated volunteers, the program keeps our communities clean, safe and inviting.
Beginning in 1998, TriMet worked with SOLV to administer the program, but that partnership came to an end in 2005.  The program now focuses almost exclusively on business and organization volunteers and is no longer seeking individual volunteers.  Volunteers no longer receive TriMet tickets as "payment" for adopting a stop.

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