Sunday, August 5, 2012

Some questions and answers from 'those' people that control our lives

Q: Upon reading the latest info on the arbitration settlement it says the Kaiser will remain the same with a $5 co pay.  Since the  first of 2012 they have been charging me $10 for office visits and prescriptions.  Are you telling that Management people have to pay double what Union members do?
A: Yes.
Q: What happens to those of us who promoted from the Union before this contract was selected?  Will you inform us of the time remaining until we lose seniority? For those past the 5 years will they be grandfathered or given the opportunity to return to the union without issue?  For those promoted from the Union they will retain seniority for five years from date of promotion?
A: If an employee needs help in making an employment decision regarding this position, they can contact labor relations for help determining their seniority.  There will be no grandfathering for those employees who have been in a non-union position for longer than five years, but that does not preclude them from seeking a position in the union without seniority.  If an employee has not lost seniority under this provision, they can go back to a union position with the seniority they do have.
Q: Does TriMet have plans to further negotiate this to even less time (such as 2 years?)
A: TriMet will not communicate its proposals for the next negotiations in advance of presenting them to the union.
Q: Will current non-union employees have until August 01, 2012 to decide to go back to a union position?  Or does the 5 years in a position in affect now and if you have more than 5 years you are stuck in that non-union position?
A: No.  This provision of the contract became effective with the contract award on July 18, 2012.
Q: For the provision of retiring after July 31, 2012 is that 90% retroactive from date of hire?
A: No.
Q: What is the current pension multiplier and what is the new amount?
A: The multiplier as of 9/1/10 was $75.15; the multipliers effective under the contract award are now being calculated and will be available in a few days.
Q: Are former union employees who were employed between 11/30/2009 and 7/8/2012 be eligible for the retroactive pay?
A: Former employees who were active employees on or after 12/1/2009 are eligible for retroactive COLA pay.
Q: What happens to Non unions who bumped back between 2009 and now to their last held union position, but had been out of the union more than five years?
A: The seniority provision implemented as part of the contract award does not apply to this situation.
Q: Are you sure the COLA rates you state are correct?  I only ask because the rates that Tri Met  posted on this page are different than the ones the union sent out a few months ago.  They were all pretty much the same except for the final COLA on 6/1/12 Tri Met puts it at 1.23%  and the Union puts it at 2.9 %.
A: Yes, we are sure.  We are aware that the union posted inaccurate information to its members.
Q: What will be the medical that will be available for my wife and son after I retire? How long will they have insurance available for them? What will the difference be in coverage from before I retire and after I retire?
A: Under this contract, for pre-65 retirees the medical will the same new Regence plan stated above as well as the Kaiser plan was in place under the expired contact.  There was no change in the contract regarding who can be covered or for how long they can be covered.

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