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Naming conventions (trimet info)

Naming Conventions
Proposed 5/1/05
Updated 1/25/2010
The purpose of this policy is to provide a methodology and to establish consistency in naming TriMet properties. To assure that names conform to the standards established by TriMet. To create a process that clarifies to the public how and why names were selected.
Key objectives:
• Orienting our riders on the system with recognizable references
• Aiding emergency responders with information to easily identify and find locations in the system
• Supporting and creating a sense of place
Naming standards for TriMet bus stops, rail stations, Transit Centers and Park & Ride lots:
• Names will reference cross street locations (street of travel followed by cross street)
• Names also may reference significant landmarks when location references commonly denote the landmark
• Names may also reference historical locations
• Commercial names will be allowed only when the location is defined by the commercial entity and is regionally recognized by the public (ex: PGE Park)
• Names will be clear and unique from existing stops/station names
• Names will be easy to read and remember
• Bus stop and rail station names will include directional references (abbreviated: NW, SW, NE, SE) when using street names (ex: E 122nd Ave or Gateway/NE 99th Ave)
• Names will include directional reference fully spelled out to distinguish two closely located properties when no other distinction is available (ex: Pioneer Square North and South)
• Rail station and Transit Center names will be limited to 30 characters to accommodate signage restrictions
• Names will be printed in accordance with TriMet font and print design & style standards
• Names will contain no periods (.)
• Names will not include words such as “to”, “from”, “via”
• Names will omit the word “station” (signage only)
• Names of Transit Centers will not spell out Transit Center, but will use “TC” (signage only)
• Names will include the word “street”, “avenue”, “road”, or “boulevard”; (ex: Washington/SE 12th Ave, N Prescott St)
• Naming standards are not applicable to Portland Streetcar stops and stations
• Naming standards are not applicable to shared use Park & Ride lots
The following pages represent existing names for rail stations, Transit Centers and Park & Ride lots.

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