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Light rail safety meeting minutes

Rail Transportation Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
________________________________________ APRIL AGENDA: Review minutes, update minutes and on-going issues. Discuss new business, accident reviews. SCHEDULED FACILITY INSPECTIONS: 2011 inspections to be scheduled INJURIES: 1) 4 REPORTS FROM 2 OPERATORS REGARDING OPERATION OF TYPE 4 VEHICLES. DISCUSSED RAISED FLOOR ISSUE AND ASSIGNED RUNS FOR TYPE 4. TONY TO MEET WITH REM TO REVIEW RAISED FLOOR, 2) OPERATOR JAMMED FINGER IN LOCKER ROOM BENCH. 3) OPERATOR LEFT HAND TIP OF INDEX FINGER CRUSHED IN CAB WINDOW WHILE TRYING TO CLOSE CAB WINDOW. RE-PUBLISH INFORMATIONAL POSTER. 4) OPERATOR BREATHED IN SAND WHILE OPERATING TRAIN WHEN TRAIN DROPPED SAND. TONY TO FOLLOW UP WITH REM. Item # Date Open Description of Issue & Updates Accountable Safety Rep. TCRC Action Required 08-020 Nov 08 Hotspot at Interstate/Prescott - Blind spot at crosswalk for southbound train operators (and peds using the crosswalk) if a large vehicle is stopped at the crosswalk. The current mitigation is a PTR signal and a "Look Both Ways" sign. The sound coming from the PTR was barely audible for some of the committee members, due to traffic noise. The committee visited the site and made the following recommendations: 1. Slow southbound trains to 15 mph - post sign on 8th bollard from Going. 2. Install an ambient noise sensor on audible warning at crosswalk. 3. Add another "Look Both Ways" sign on south side of crosswalk. 4. Determine how far back large vehicles would have to be for operators to have an adequate view of the crosswalk. Once determined, put a crosswalk sign and stop bar at that point for southbound traffic. Dan said this should go to TCRC. 8/10. Tony to check with Dan . 5/11: Tony to conduct site visit and check with Dan. 6/11: item will be re-assessed and moved to June 11 as a new item for re-submission to TCRC. 7/11: Tony to obtain photographs and information for TCRC Tony X 08-019 Nov 08 185th E. Burnside – Autos doing u-turns at T intersection. Recommend PTW installation for eastbound traffic. Jim S to put package together for 185th. PGE item moved to new item 09-04. JULY: Information received and forwarded for TCRC discussion. 8/10. Tony to check with Dan Stokes. 4/11: New traffic signal controller to be fitted as part of project at this location. Jim to follow-up. 5/11 Keith and Roger Bell to review with City of Gresham. Equipment has been purchased update on install required. 6/11: Project scheduled to be complete in Sept 2011. PTR at Rockwood is complete. Stark –Burnside remain to be finished. SI to operators re: Rockwood Committee Dan. Jim S X 08-018 Nov 08 Hotspots along E. Burnside - Concern that drivers making left turn onto Burnside could end up in tracks. Kevin brought photos of type of striping that could guide drivers correctly into lane of traffic. Dan said this should go to TCRC. Discussed: Tony to check with Tommye. has photos and information: Tony to confirm and pass info onto TCRC. JULY: Received photos from MOW forwarded to Dan for TCRC discussion. OCT: TCRC approved. Item sent on to City of Gresham (includes striping).8/10 Tony to check with Dan Stokes. 5/11 Tony to check with Dan and Rockwood opening on May 27th may help with this topic. 6/11 City of Gresham to be contacted Committee Dan X 08-015 Oct 08 Committee Training – The OSHA classes that will meet the safety member training requirements: 1. 101 - Safety Committee Basic Training 2. 104 - Identifying and Controlling Hazards 3. 102 - Conducting an Accident Investigation. These classes can be taken from OSHA’s website, or at an OSHA on-site workshop. Committee Membership – Once the members of the committee are established: 1.) A new chairperson will need to be identified 2.) Pictures of the members can be posted on the safety boards. 3.) A Rail Transportation Safety Committee distribution list will be created. 4.) Members will also need training. This is available on-line or on-site OSHA class. 8/08: Brooke will send OSHA Training info to all committee members. 10/08: Dan will search for an operator that wants to become a member. 1/09: Brooke will notify station agents of the meetings so operators can get marked off. JULY: OR-OSHA web based training. Committee to be provided info on sign-up and completing courses on-line. Oct: Tony to send out link to on-line training. Members still need training. 10/10: On-line training courses available at, members are encouraged to sign up and attend courses. 3/11: training module being developed for bus transportation. Once complete and training provided, rail transportation will be next group to be trained. 4/11: No update. 5/11: Training modules under review. 6/11: Committee training pending June 15th and 22nd All 09-03 Apr-09 Supervisor’s vehicles: are they equipped with a) Suitable ladders. B) Mirror adjuster poles? 2 ladders need to verify type of ladders at RQ, Gateway and STC. July: Add items to inventory of flagging materials. 8/10. Ladder Item re-opened; ladders do not appear to be with supervisor’s vehicles, Tony to check with Dan Stokes. 3/11 Report from committee that ladders appear to be too long for new vehicles and won’t fit into vehicles.6/11: Discussion on use of ladders if they are too long for vehicles and where will Type 4 temporary mirrors be stored? Tony 09-06 Oct 09 Type 4 operator blind spot. Pilot program, with convex mirror to be conducted. To TCRC for approval. Amy and Mike discussed their experiences with mirrors. Questionnaire sent out. Discussion: Item will be placed on the re-certification training curriculum.7/10. Committee is advising mirrors be fitted to Type 4’s. Request made to have item placed on August TCRC meeting. 1/11 Test results were sent to D. Stokes for TCRC review. Tony to check with Dan on status. 3/11: Jim to contact Mark Grove, concerning placement of mirrors. 4/11: Committee informed that consist 420-421 does not have the convex mirrors. 5/11: 4 or 5 vehicles to be fitted. Elmo ran out of stock and mirrors being sent from Ruby. 6/11: Tony to check with Dan B. Jim S. Bob L yes 10-03 Apr 10 Cyclops light. Request to have light on all day as per rule. Light is being turned off on approach to platforms. 3/11 item 1-3 from Jan 11 now tracks this item. 5/11 To TCRC for review at next meeting. 6/11: Issue to be placed into revised rule book All 10-05 Apr 10 Bikes on platforms: walking bikes on platforms not riding. Concern raised over riders riding bikes on platforms to board trains. 3/11 Discussion on item and recommendation that it be placed on TCRC agenda and can TPD conduct enforcement campaigns. Tony to discuss with cycling coordinator. 4/11: Tony to follow up and report back. 5/11: Plan is being worked on for platform signs and striping. 6/11: Striping plan being discussed and to be presented to TCRC All yes 10-06 May 10 Jackson St turnaround: Steps required at area for operator safety when stepping out/in to LRV. Field trip to determine locations. 6/11: field trip still remains to be scheduled. Build up of cigarette butts identifies likely areas All 10-11 Sept 10 Amy expressed concern over committee attendance. Safety and Service excellence task force? 2 operators should be at every meeting. 10/10: Tony to check regulation for info on make-up of committees. 1/11 decided that in February, campaign for volunteers will be introduced. 4/11 Discussed controller should attend meeting and a field ops rep. Tony to check with bus committee on the criteria used to elect new members to the committee. 5/11: Document provided. 6/11: More members needed. Field Ops and OCC members required. Alternate operator members recommended to become full time members. 7/11: Don Allison interim field ops member. Gregory Dodge added as a full-time member. Amy and Gregory to speak to Tom re; chairperson for committee All 10-12 Sept 10 Amy would like to add to the Ergo Exercise training. “Don’t pivot left elbow” when opening left doors on type 4’s. 10/10: Suggestion that photos is added to PowerPoint for initial operator training. 1/11. Item to be added to next Re-Cert (March).4/11: No change item added to Re-Cert training. 6/11: Item to be placed into initial training Amy and Jim 10-14 Sept 10 Propose warning sounds on approach to all stations, gated crossings, blind spots etc. 10/10: Item placed on TCRC agenda. 1/11 Status to be confirmed prior to Re-Cert. 3/11 Discussion on recommending type 4 bell sound be uniform to rest of the fleet and also procedure be devised. 4/11 Item to be placed on TCRC agenda. 5/11 Item submitted to TCRC. 6/11 Item to TCRC Tony to obtain update. Jim and tony 10-15 Sept 10 Type 4 software. Need update for next meeting. 10/10: Siemens-software is available to be installed. Nov 10: January may be target date for software install. 1/11 to confirm. 3/11 Herb Church is new contact for this item. 4/11: Software installed on 407-412.bridge alarm. Pass emergency, 0.07 roll fixed and now waiting for feedback. 5/11: waiting for more feedback, Test run required with operator who has provided feedback. 6/11: Testing completed Jim 10-18 Oct 10 Gregory Dodge raised issue of procedures when Type 4 car suffers monitor failure. Stay in service or remove from service? 12/10 Update from Jim on suction cup type temporary mirror. SOPs also being discussed/reviewed. 1/11 Procedure being written, Jim distributed pictures of proposed mirror that will be tested in early Jan. 4/11 Awaiting SOP. Where are mirror stored? 5/11: BTC, Gateway, RQ for use by supervisors Supervisor to train operators when installed. All supervisors will be trained on end of the line what are the operator’s responsibilities? 6/11: SOP approved. Mirrors available, supervisors are being trained. Permanent mirrors are being investigated. Jim 11-2 Nov 10 Memo presented to committee by Evette describing electric shock incidents and concerns. 12/1 Update provide to committee. 1/11 Review complete and reply memo to be drafted. 3/11 Memo provided to ATU addressing issue raised. Tom has met with Evette and will follow up with her. 4/11: Tom to check with Evette Tony-Jim All 1-3 Jan 11 Use of Cyclops: Use of Cyclops at night i.e. reducing glare or safety? Also the use of Cyclops during day. Tony and Amy reviewing keeping Cyclops on during night time when approaching crossings and platforms. 3/11 Committee discussed issue and recommendation to have item placed on TCRC and also to brief new director of safety on this issue. Committee also discussed if distance between trains could be used, keep Cyclops on until X amount of feet from approaching vehicle. Pulsating light may remove forward view. 4/11 Keith raised question of Cyclops concerns at Hwy 217, 26 and I-84. Follow up with TCRC Tony Amy Jim 1-5 Jan 11 Platform at Gateway (east on westbound platform) is dark. Appears lights are out. Tony to contact Facilities. 3/11 Work order submitted 4/11: Work order submitted, Tom to check and e-mail Tony. 5/11 Tom to check Tony 2-1 Feb 11 Operator Domingos raised issues of repair of vehicles in a timely manner. Type 4 door 6 bridge plate issues. Arm rest on Type 4 position higher than MDH. Passenger awareness/safety announcement, concerning tactile paver and pedestrian safety. Jim/Tony 2-2 Feb 11 Item raised concerning notification to operators by OCC of workers in the ROW. Committee discussed recent incidents and tony to check with Don Allison on report from 2010 concerning incident in the tunnel.3/11 Committee discussed if spotters are required and should operators request ACID for incidents? Committee discussed workers at 7th and Holladay marking locates, identified as city of Portland. 4/11: Internal audit involved meeting to discuss concurrence from all controllers before permission to enter the ROW is granted. Keith described that a review of SOP 102 in progress, update will be sent to Jim S. Tony. All 3-2 Mar 11 Tony to meet with dispatcher following report of injury to review work station. Findings to be applied to all work stations. 4/11 Discussed new chairs for Dispatch. 6/11 New chairs for OCC pending for July. Tony 3-4 Mar 11 Committee discussed placement of speed zone ahead signs at Civic Drive, or speed trip magnets. Pat proposed 20 mph EB approach sign, Jim S to investigate. 4/11: Speed zone signs proposal to TCRC 40, 30, 15. 5/11 Jim filled. 6/11: Jim to speak to Bob Banks regarding this issue Jim 3-7 Mar 11 BTC-Beav Central. Signs are fading. No trespass signs fading. 6/11: Tony to visit area. Tony 3-8 Mar 11 MDH sleeve, update example being produced and drawing developed for proposal submittal. 4/11 Design still be modified and drawings made. 6/11: Tony has contacted Lyn requesting update Tony 4-4 Apr 11 Tom brought photos from recent trip to San Diego showing mirrors, door functions to front of TOD, footrest on seat and raised foot function on their S-70’s. N/A 6-1 June 11 Amy has suggestion of placing Type 4 seat and floor mounted equipment onto a raised platform to provide greater range of movement and alterations. Tony to contact Dan Blair. Item 3-1 regarding Cyclops pedal now rolled into this item. Arm rest on Type 4 position higher than MDH (moved from item 2-1) Tony 7-6-1 July 11 Incident reports appear incomplete and missing info and supervisor’s signature. Committee to research ways of communicating with operators to complete forms Gregory 7-6-2 July 11 Amy would like MOW employee rep on committee. Keith is currently on the committee, issue to be reviewed Keith and Tony 7-6-3 July 11 Supervisor raised concern as to when 9-1-1 is called for a hostile, argumentative passenger. Supervisor would like a meeting to discuss who is initially dispatched, them or Police 7-6-3 July 11 Type 4 is “car wash “mode on hills vehicle will not role back. Governs speed to .5 mph. Does the new software mod fix the roll back issue? Amy asked for status update on the mod Jim 7-6-4 July 11 Gregory raised issue of noise levels of type 4 audible alarms, sharp tones to non-essential alerts, can cause distractions. 402 described as typical of the issue. Discussion that mod will reduce alarm decibel levels. Jim 7-6-5 July 11 Meeting: try with electronic minutes displayed at the meeting so they can be completed in a shorter time frame. Adopt ground rules for committee meetings. Tony 7-6-6 July 11 Committee will review appropriate locations for visits and inspections. All 7-6-7 July 11 RSA process now open to all employees Info only 7-6-8 July 11 Tualatity WB. 1st crossing fencing needs to be extended to the west to address potential passenger activity, cutting through the shrubs to avoid the safety device, with their backs to the WB train. Appears to be more of a problem after 4pm. No active warnings, bell warning suggested Tony 9-11-1 Sept 11 Amy spoke to track maintainer to accompany them on a track walk. Committee approves of the idea. Keith: MOW ride in cab of train to gain their prospective. Amy 9-11-2 Sept 11 Operator raised issue to Amy: Increase in splits of over 13 hours. Committee discussed hours of service. ODOT is reviewing HOS and TriMet is involved with internal discussions and with ODOT too. Amy suggests audit of operators who are on 13 hr splits. Is there a new HOS policy pending? Don 9-11-3 Sept 11 Track safety task force has raised question of definitions involving calls. Jim introduced topic for discussion. Change the concept of “call and select”. LRV procurement needs to be identified. All 9-11-4 Sept 11 Train-Route thumbwheels are reversed on the Type 4. Committee recommends they be consistent with rest of fleet. Jim 9-11-5 Sept 11 Striping on steel bridge, east –end, east bound track. Advise solid white lines to east of track. Contact City traffic engineer, regarding re-timing of traffic signals at intersection of Lloyd-Interstate. Keith : Contact ODOT. Don: Contact City on traffic timing. Keith 9-11-6 Sept 11 Discuss new meeting date and time. New date: First Thursday at 11:00 am -1:00 pm new day and time All 9-11-7 Sept 11 Chairperson needs to be nominated for Rail Transportation committee. All 9-11-8 Sept 11 Tony is now serving on the Streetcar safety committee. Tony Item # Date Open Security Issues Accountable Safety Rep. TCRC Action Required Items for Periodic Review 3-1 Mar 11 Cyclops pedal: can it be fitted to a cord to allow operators to choose location of pedal? Tony to contact REM.4/11 REM answer was cost and manpower makes this prohibitive Tony 3-5 Mar 11 Station over-runs at Washington Park. Proposal for sign at 1,000 ft. 4/11 Committee discussed lights in tunnel, should item go to TCRC on specs for lights in the tunnel Jim 1-4 Jan 11 Near 114th in Beaverton shopping carts near to ROW. Tony to contact company that secures cars for shops Tony 4-3 Apr 11 Amy raised schedule question forced to work overtime (shift over 10 hours, bidding on shifts) 10-09 Aug 10 Saturday Marker re-opened. Concerns over area due to band playing at fountain and also vendors encroaching near to ROW, west of the west bound platform. Tony to meet with market managers. 9/10 was there a discussion with PPB about keeping area on the west side of 1st Ave. clear. PPB report only addresses noise? 10/10: Committee received update from M Oliver who provided new photographs and information on current activity. A meeting is scheduled with Portland Police and Portland Patrol to discuss possible options Tony 10-8 July 10 Committee to monitor MDH and seat issues. Review incident and injury reports. 9/10: Seats. New “streamlined bus” has a new operator seat. Contact Allen or Barry. Could Type 5 be fitted with these seats? 10-13 Sept 10 Back support device: Posture Pro back support ($12.95 angel sales-AS18002). 10/10: example provided by Amy who will check with workers comp manager. Nov 10: Amy to contact John Free Amy and tony 09-13 Nov 09 Committee discussion on road reliefs and time points. Are mobility devices and other issues taken into account on schedule? 7/10 Monitor at fall sign-up All 07-023 Jul 07 Review: Sept 08 Pesticides in ROW – As long as Control knows, they can message to operators. Suggest to message to operators before season starts in the future. Jim will contact Control in spring. 3/08: Jim has info used last year to prepare operators for the annual pesticide spraying. He will notify through Train line, and also contact Control. 5/08: Jim will notify Control so they can message to operators. 6/08: Jim submitted a notice about the spraying to Jessica B. to publish in Operator’s Report, along with a number to call with questions. 7/08: This is procedural zed. However, there was a Bus-to-Rail class in the yard while contractor was spraying and were not notified. Jim will follow up with Don A. 10/08: Check with Jim. Facilities: spraying in yards without notifying control. Craig Black has spoken to facilities. Alignment spraying late June-early July. July: Amy to check maintenance orders for notification. Discussed Trainline notification for pesticides Jim 08-017 Oct 08 Cab Monitors – Some ops are having difficulty adjusting to the monitors. The contrast is not enough in the daytime and people are hard to see in shadows, and the monitor placement is an issue for some. These issues will be sent to Roland with a request for an independent assessment of the cab cameras. 12/08: The mirrors are still there. Michael 08-011 Jul 08 Saturday Market Performers – Musical performers are setting up on platforms within arm’s length of the westbound train. Jim will call Saturday Mkt. 12/08: Forward Field Ops. Review after March meeting. Tony to contact Sat Market. Oct 09. M.Oliver: Musicians and performers at Skidmore platforms and adjacent to the fountain, obstructions and crowds are causing concern to operators. 8/10: Discussed contacting market management. Tony to meet market managers and report back to committee. Jim 08-006 Jul 08 Visual Display of Hot Spots – Create section on safety boards for a map to mark accidents. Jim and Amy will work on this. 8/08: Amy is working on maps to display at Elmo and RJ. 10/08: Committee recommended including cars in ROW on the Hot Spot display. 12/08: Amy and Jim will work on this. Add Mall I-205 to hot-spots Amy Jim 09-01 Feb 09 Decal in vehicle cabs regarding mirror adjustments. Types 2 and 3 have decals. N/A on Type 1 and 4. Tony will follow-up with Mark Grove. July: Tony to speak to Mark about additional decals in cabs for mirror adjustments. OCT: Jim S and Bob L to check Type 2 and 3’s for decals. Nov discussion: Item to be placed on re-certification training curriculum. Informed item will not be included in re-cert Tony Closed Items 3-6 Mar 11 Type 4 horn modification proposed. 4/11: Discussed switch location, replace-move to a more accessible location Jim 4-1 Apr 11 Jim raised question of procedure for raising issues with TCRC, is there a form or process? 4-2 Apr 11 T4 door issue: closing from EB to MSB doors close with no announcement. Jim to check with REM. 5/11 sometimes when T4 keyed up T$ doors close 11-1 Nov 10 Lloyd center westbound: Need to see where back door of Type 4 is on platform when VETAG console first illuminates over call loop. Operator received an SRI because elderly couple allegedly stepped off back door and fell because door was off platform. 12/1 Further discussion on issue, however incident review and appeal process is being followed, safety alert published. 1/11 Jim to visit and confirm placement of berthing marker. 4/11 Discussed new birthing marker with 4 on it to denote where type 4 should halt. Keith will speak with Kevin Jim 3-3 Mar 11 Items on cab shelf obstructed causing obstructed view in cabs. Also unattended luggage in ruby. Safety bulleting published Jim 10-10 Sept 10 Type 4 curtains and glare shielding. Dan Blair sent photos and is requesting feedback. Black curtain to door and shielding to large window. TCRC to approve and operator feedback to be requested. 10/10: Feedback is positive, advise additional weight be fitted to curtains. Nov 10: All operators at the 11/03 meeting like the curtain and non-glare application add weight to curtain and go-ahead with fleet. Will contact Dan Blair. 1/11 Tony to contact Dan: work to be scheduled ASAP. 3/11 Tony to check with Dan. E-mail received 3/9 that mod is completed. Tony 1-2 Jan 11 Safety alert to be published: Passing trains, buses trains are not slowing down Jim 1-1 Jan 11 Car 324 MDH stiffness. Operators’ reporting this car suffers from stiff MDH defects written up, but what happens to the defect? Jim presented MMIS info showing MDH was being inspected by REM Jim 10-17 Oct 10 Posting meeting minutes: Discussed posting hard copy of meeting minutes at yards. Amy can post at Elmo. Jim will check to see if Doc will post minutes at Ruby. Nov 10: Doc will post minutes and he will be added to mailing list. Two 36x40 cork boards ordered for Ruby and Elmo. 12/10 Boards have arrived. 1/11 Boards are up in Ruby. Elmo pending Jim Amy Tony 10-04 Apr 10 Investigate for “tennis” and “golf” elbow issues the use of an elbow strap that provides support. Tony 10-02 Jan 10 Issues for 2010: Footrest for Type 4 vehicle; MDH-Seats; Cycles on platforms (to TCRC for next meeting); Rule violations of train orders; Mirrors on type 4 vehicles; maintenance status of LRV’s (operators knowing serviceability of vehicles). 09-08 Oct 09 Type 4 arm rest. Prototype arm rest to be tested. Nov: One example is currently under test.7/10 Jim to meet with REM.8/10 Jim to meet with REM to get update. 9/10 All Type 4 vehicles have new armrests. The arm rest has additional padding to prevent staples poking through. 08-008 Jul 08 Injury Reporting – Jim will follow up with Marla about injuries not being in Digital Sender. Siobhan to find out if employees get paid for the time to fill out injury report forms. She will also find out in which cases the 801s need to be completed. 10/08: Injuries are being put in Digital Sender now. Michael states that operators do get paid for the time to fill out the reports. 12/08: Supervisors need to review and sign reports. JULY: Tony to contact Jay for resolution of this matter. Oct: Info to Dan S for action. 7/10 Tony met with managers and a noticeable improvement has occurred with reports being completed.8/10 Completed reports received. Tony 10-7 July 10 Footrest for Type 4 vehicles. 7/10 Prototype footrest to be designed and installed, target date August. 10/10: Advise that chocks be provided as an option to level our footrest Tony and Jim 09-11- Nov 09 Amy raised issue of defects being called-in and not being fixed on LRV’s. Overhead signs, HVAC, MDH provided as examples. Also raised was issue of plywood in ROW, called in and item was still in the ROW days later. Discussion: Committee feels an audit of the reporting process would be useful to identify possible problem areas. Debris in ROW at 82nd possible part of a car.7/10: Car 324B; example of vehicle with defects that do not appear to be fixed. Tony to meet with mark Grove Tony. Jim S 10-16 Sept 10 Civic station speed magnets. Signal 136A and grand opening. 3 magnets @ 40/30/15 mph. Trainline posted. Need to discuss 136A/grand opening safety precautions. 10/10. Safety alerts to be posted, discussion can 134 be normally Elmo eastbound? Jim 10-01 Jan 10 Jim outlined proposed Rail Transportation Training curriculum and schedule for the 2010 period. How committee members can advocate for the training material, once training is completed was discussed. Topics: Emergency vehicles/Opticom; Loss of shunt; Communications-initial calls/use of radio; rule violations of train orders-failure to call prior to selecting; speed zones/speed trips; Bio-hazard training; child on platform/bridge-plate deployment-increase dwell time; drug and alcohol program; rule book and trouble-shooting guide Jim 09-10 Oct 09 M. Oliver raised issue of performers at Skidmore Fountain encroaching onto ROW and west end of west bound platform. Discussion: Tony to raise with security. Wackenhut will deploy to area and monitor. Tony 09-08 Jun 09 Call loop prior to east roadway at Elmonica. Track 0 set by mechanics. Revise sign at the location to add tracks 0 and 1 to the TWC codes sign. July: Item to be addressed at August inspection at Elmonica Jim and Amy X 09-05 Jun 09 Mirror adjustment posters to be displayed at Terminal locations. Confirm that adjustment poles are also at the locations. July: Amy to confirm posters are displayed. Tony to confirm poles are provided. Oct: Tony to check locations 09-04 Jun 09 PGE Westbound @ 17th/18th – Cars stop and trains turn in front of car. Operator has blind spot at this location. Committee will visit in February or Jim will get photos before then. July: Committee agreed a site visit is required Tony and Jim 09-02 Feb 09 MOW walking inspections in fog. Committee discussed safety concerns. Tony to contact Kevin Mc to review. April 09: Track Access audit completed. Review will include MOW walking inspection procedures Tony X 09-09 Jun 09 List of concerns regarding I-205 sent to capital projects. Northbound approach to main St. Advise ped safety treatment and speed reduction on the approach Jim and Tony 09-07 Oct 09 Jackson Street construction zone. In response to recent incident, a safety alert was published warning people not to enter the construction area The next meeting: October 6th 2011 Ruby Junction South: 11:00 am

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