Thursday, October 7, 2010

Green Geek Acid reports

Whoa...heard that operator agreed to do a bus trade (but was unsure); had panic attack next to bus & called daughter
Now listening to PDX shuttles; drivers spotted guy in employee parking lot who is now in custody.
train 412: wants bus trade, blood on seat behind operator
train 806: bus 2839 on 75 tail lights on right side not working, both brake lights and reg lights
painting stripes on allan at hall; less than 6" clearance for buses; op wants supervisor to check it out  
train 4767 (trevor): at hillsboro tc; bus won't start, doesn't turn over; didn't put bus in neutral; problem happens a lot
Line 4 bus had to pass up people on mississippi because of standing load due to prev bus breaking down
train 1036 (kathy): rider who got off at 72nd left a syringe on the bus; oper has it on window sill; told to tell spotter
train 450: ainsworth and albina; headlights going out when going over speed bumps; tried 4ways, too dark out; told to stay there
train 451: battery reset worked; dispatch:"fantastic, wow", etc; may go drop off only after downtown if follower catches up
black wallet lost on ; msg sent to buses; rider told to call lost and found
train 1206 (dan): @ tigard tc; acc @ 78th/99W; tow just showing; was car-car-tractor trailer; is 30 min late; next bus 5-10 behind
train 4408 (anthony): at 30th and capitol hwy, truck pushed back mirror, left towards portland; mirror intact
train 1206 to disp: its taking 20 mins to get from I-5 down the hill to Fred Meyer on 99W; see flashing lights at bottom

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