Friday, September 24, 2010

The new rules!

Bus Operator Procedures
Title: Controlling Operator Driving Distractions SOP B812
Date: APPROVED 8/19/2010 Page 1 of 1
1.0 Purpose:
This procedure outlines a number of critical rules for minimizing distractions to the safe operation of the bus. Any time the operator is in the operator’s seat, they are responsible for the safe movement of the bus under all conditions.
2.0 Procedures:
Operators should avoid activities that will distract from operating the vehicle in a safe, defensive manner:

Personal electronic devices including but not limited to cell phones, pagers, MP3 players, headsets, earpieces, audio or video recording devices and video games must be turned off and out of sight any time the operator is in the driver’s seat whether or not the vehicle is in motion or in use. These devices may only be used when the operator is out of the driver’s seat at a layover.

Communications using agency authorized devices – VCH, handset, etc. – must be business-related only.

Avoid talking on the handset while the vehicle is in motion as much as possible.

Do not operate the VCH or program overhead signs while the vehicle is in motion.

Providing customers with operation-related information such as fare, route and service information is a business requirement; however, conversations with passengers should be short in duration and limited to customer service information whenever possible to minimize distraction.

Refrain from being photographed, recorded, or videotaped onboard while operating a vehicle. The media must ask permission to interview. Refer the request to the Communications Department (see HR-304 News Media Guidelines). Report media requests and onboard videoing or photography to Dispatch.

Do not eat or drink while operating a vehicle in motion.

Do not allow friends or family members to ride your bus for any non-transportation related purpose (see B101 Expectations of Every Operator).

Do not punch, tear, or adjust transfers while the vehicle is in motion.

Personal reading materials of any kind should only be read when parked at a layover.

Do not engage in any personal grooming activities while operating a vehicle in motion.

Do not attempt to complete paperwork of any kind while operating a vehicle in motion.

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