Monday, September 6, 2010

National Safety Council Standards

Under the National Safety Council’s Safe Driver Award plan, an operator’s safe driving career is
divided into two phases or periods – the Proving Period and the Penalty Period.
An operator’s Proving Period is that period of time required to achieve 12 cumulative months of
driving without a preventable accident, or 1,960 hours earned of driving time. During the
Proving Period, an operator may be certified for the appropriate Safe Driver Award based on the
following performance.
• 1 year award: 12 cumulative months of driving without a preventable accident
• 2 year award: 24 cumulative months of driving without a preventable accident
• 3 year award: 36 cumulative months of driving without a preventable accident
During the Proving Period, anytime an operator has a preventable accident, they start over again
from scratch from the date of the accident, trying to accumulate 36 months of driving without a
preventable accident. Each time an operator achieves 12 months of driving time without a
preventable accident they should be certified for the appropriate award earned. An operator may
earn a one-year award several times or a two-year award several times. However, an operator
earns the three-year award only once. Having achieved the 3-year award, operators are no longer
penalized by having to start from scratch should they receive a preventable accident.
The date on which an operator earns their three-year award shall be known as the operator’s
“anniversary date”. This is the date on which an operator completes the Proving Period of their
safe driving career and passes the Penalty Period. The anniversary date becomes the operator’s
regular date to earn succeeding awards until such time as their anniversary date is changed by
absence from work or non-driving time. This would be calculated against their 1,960 hours
regular driving time. Operators are allowed a 15-day grace period of non-driving time, before
any non-driving time is calculated against their regular 1,960 hours of driving time.
In the Penalty Period of the award plan, an operator is penalized 12 months of driving time for
each preventable accident they incur. The penalty is figured from the anniversary date and not
from the date of the accident.
An operator shall be allowed to accumulate an absence of 15 working days, exclusive of
vacation, in any award period based on their anniversary date. This non-driving grace period may
be composed of absence due to illness, seasonal lay-offs, and other temporary non-driving
assignments. Any absence in excess of 15 working days changes the operator’s anniversary date.
Operators with “Safe Driver Awards” do not lose their accumulated safe driving time because of
assignments to jobs that do not require the operation of a motor vehicle. Any record accumulated
prior to such assignments is continued upon their return to driving.
Safe driving time accumulated under previous employers may be credited to operators at the
option of their current employer under the following conditions:
1. If the employee received National Safety Council Safe Driver Awards from previous
employers, these awards can be used as a time basis for computing their current status.
2. Intervening safe driving time accruing to the driver and not accounted for by their receipt
of Safe Driver Awards must be computed from information presented in a certification
from previous employers.
Additional questions regarding the National Safety Council should be directed to Robin Rudiger
at 503-962-5810.
Operators meeting the National Safety Council Standards for accident-free miles are honored as
• 03 – 09 years safe driving = $50 savings bond
• 10 – 19 years safe driving = $75 savings bond
• 20 + years safe driving = $100 savings bond

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