Saturday, July 10, 2010



Following the tragic fatal bus accident in downtown Portland in April, I'm committed to doing everything we can to prevent such a tragedy from occurring again.
Just a second Neil, Fred himself said that the accident was an aberration atypical of our general operations. One accident of this type does not mean the whole system is flawed. Your continuing Fred's "do whatever the media says" policy!
This open system adds to the vibrancy of the neighborhoods it serves.
This system was designed in the "feel good" 70's. Well that era has come and gone. While its great in theory its flawed in practice
and the machines have gone from a 75 percent performance rate to a 95 percent performance rate.
I'd like to see some independent verification of this.
The investment in rail has brought $1.3 billion in federal discretionary funding over the past 20 years.
And with each expansion comes the commitment of more local tax funds. Did anybody actually believe that tax revenues will be limitless?
It will also create 14,500 jobs just when we need it the most.
How in the world did you come up with that number, not one of these Trimet projects has impacted the Oregon unemployment bottom line!

We employees are worried about our futures here. Every expansion means less and less for the current employees, riders, and businesses along the established system, which shrinks as the rail expansion grows. BEST OF LUCK NEIL, YOUR GONNA NEED IT!

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